That you can not buy these “bad” brand of butter

Такое покупать нельзя: названы "плохие" марки сливочного масла

Butter in Ukraine increasingly turns out to be fake. The composition of this product in 20% of cases is not milk fat. Reporters have tested 77 samples of 32 manufacturers. The product was tested in the shops of the Carpathian region, Mykolayiv region, Sumy and Cherkasy. Test were disappointing – a good product now the weight of gold and can cost less than 20 hryvnia per pack.

As it turned out, the leader in counterfeiting was dairy in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

“Ivano-Frankivsk city dairy was the leader in the number of counterfeits. All five packs that we got in the study, 50% consisted of impurities. Moreover, it was found that this plant is always winning the tender”, – told the journalist of TSN Natalia Yarmola edition of “Facts.”

By the way, in samples of dairy products from the plant found E. coli, Salmonella and not dairy fats.

Also, the journalist noted that the pack quality oil can not cost less than 20 hryvnia, as the manufacturer of this product is not less than four liters of milk.

“A pack of oil takes four liters of milk is a minimum of 30-35 hryvnias. It is clear that the manufacturer still must be earned. Therefore, objectively, the oil can not cost less than 45 USD. But when I looked at the checks in our samples, we saw that for 45 hryvnias and sold counterfeit. It was such a disappointment! It turns out, the product price is not an indicator of low quality and simple buyer”, – said the journalist.

Also among the leaders in the number of counterfeits was Nikolaev “Molprom” and Dneprovsky plant “LLC inter-say,” in MDM products was not 100% milk fat.