That’s why chubby wives are the most satisfied with life men

Вот, почему у пухленьких жен самые довольные жизнью мужчины

Men who marry chubby ladies happier than those whose wives slender as a cypress.

The results of the study conducted by Dr. Philemon Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales from the Department of psychology, National Autonomous University of Mexico showed that most chubby women are more open and affectionate, which makes them more involved and therefore happy in the relationship.

It makes their men are 10 times happier than those who are married to slender. In addition, it is believed that women of big sizes emit the positivity that is contagious.

The survey also revealed that plump ladies smile more and cope better with problems. And finally, it was found that chubby women are better at anticipating the needs of its partners and, therefore, are the best wives.

The study notes that slim women are often restrained, more unfriendly and less emotional, which makes them a tough nut in the relationship.

Taking into account the above results, the researchers came to the conclusion that men who choose women live longer, smile more and always happy in their relationship and everyday life.