That’s why dogs like to lick their owners

Вот почему собаки так любят облизывать своих хозяев

Dog kisses cause us, the owners of four-legged Pets, affection.

After all, we tend to Express ourselves with kisses of particular relevance to those who are dear to us. However, the same time, needless to humanize a dog is not necessary. That being that the world and us in it perceive a completely different way. Therefore, the owners of furry friends it is useful to know about other reasons why a dog licks man. And what signals this may be a nice gesture to send.

Why is there a mechanism for the licking, and what it serves

We all come from childhood. And dogs too. If you ever had a puppy, you probably noticed that the first thing a mother does, it licks them, helping to remove the remnants of fetal membranes and stimulating the kids the formation of respiratory function. In the future, maternal licking in order to improve the gastro-intestinal tract of the puppy and to keep clean its fur, while the dog the child is older and does not get stronger enough to do it yourself. And licks, like motion sickness in humans, has a calming effect.

Thus, the lick is the first method of contact with another being who learns a puppy. In the future, he begins to use it to signal that he is hungry or in need of care.

Now let’s see what could mean such behavior when the dog licks the man.

1. Dog shows his love

Licks can really signal about the special relationship of the dog to the owner or family member (a dog’s point of view, consider the pack). In that case, if the licking is accompanied by cheers pet, active wagging tail, wanting to jump on the hand, is an expression of love.

2. The dog is lonely

If you just sit quietly or engage in any business, not paying attention to pet, and he suddenly comes up and starts licking you, it may indicate that the way the dog wants to draw attention to themselves. Because really, wet tongue pet on the skin are hard to ignore!

3. The dog was hungry

When the dog licks the face of a host is a sign of the heritage of the ancient instinct of all canines. Hungry puppies tend to lick the face of the mother, especially if she just had to get her to share food. So it is not excluded that thus and your dog to beg food.

4. Dog wants to help

Dogs are pack animals, and therefore they are not alien to a mutual. It is because the pet may try to lick the wound (so the dogs treated themselves), or to lick the naked skin of humans, trying to see if he was alive, to breathe or not to sleep that critical situations can indeed be justified.

5. Your pet is afraid of

Some dogs are frightened by loud noises, naturally seek protection from their leader of the host. Licks, accompanied by whining and a desire to get on hands or in bed, it is likely evidence that the pet is scared and he asks to calm him down.

6. The dog reacts to the smell

Unlike much of the information perceived through the visual channel, the dog’s most important senses is the sense of smell. His opportunities for our four-legged brothers at times exceed the human. So we may not even feel that smell especially nice or unpleasant for the dog. In this case, licking she is trying to wash us or to understand where the man was.

7. The dog says to you your rights

The licking of the face or hands may indicate that the dog marks its territory, arguing for other dogs that you’re part of his pack. Moreover, this situation is more common when a family has other dogs or a child. Then the pet can experience the feeling of jealousy.