That’s why you need to engage in sex, even if not in the mood

Вот почему необходимо заниматься интимом, даже если нет настроения

No, it’s not revenge men in response to women “my head hurts” and absolute scientific proof of the microbiologist and writer William Colby.

A famous scientist has revealed 4 reasons why you need to have sex, even if you don’t have the mindset for sexual joy. Invaluable for the body benefit arises due to the impact of sex on the pituitary gland. Satisfied sex the pituitary gland gives the body a lot of bonuses.


During sex the pituitary gland receives a signal to stimulate all the organs of the immune system, and in particular the thymus (thymus), which plays an important role in the immune system.

The study showed that those who have sex 1-2 times a week, the content of immunoglobulin A in saliva is 30% higher than those who neglect physical intimacy. And those couples who make love several times a week, can boast the solid content of immunoglobulin A, and so is much less likely to get sick and looks great.


This is proved by the example of 51 participants (men and women) aged 20 to 47 years in the course of scientific research. It was found that the higher the frequency of sexual activity of subjects, the more harmonious they blood pressure.

And all because sex is a trainer for the heart muscles and entire circulatory system. Along the way during intercourse produces hormones that make the body of “candy”.


How we feel after sex? Properly – relaxed and calm. And the reason is that sperm has the properties of… antidepressant. Plus, the proximity helps reduce production of the stress hormone cortisol.


First and foremost, speed of falling asleep – especially in men. Where is “soporific”? Was found sex “provokes” the production of endorphins and the love hormone oxytocin that have a “soothing” effect.