The 21-year-old former football player of “Obolon-Brovar” and “Dnepr-1” was diagnosed with cancer: photo

У 21-летнего экс-футболиста "Оболони-Бровар" и "Днепра-1" обнаружили рак: фото

У 21-летнего экс-футболиста "Оболони-Бровар" и "Днепра-1" обнаружили рак: фото

Former striker “Dnipro-1” and “Obolon-Brovar” Aramis cousins contracted a rare form of bone cancer.

About this 21-year-old said on his Instagram.

This is the moment when my life changed. A week ago Monday, I had to do ablation of presumed benign tumors (osteoid osteoma), which was on my thigh. After waking up from anesthesia I was told that the operation did not take place, because the biopsy, the surgeon did after I fell asleep, showed that the assumptions of the doctors about my leg was wrong.

“A few days ago, I received the biopsy results. I was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma – a rare form of bone cancer that affects mainly young people. Although I still don’t know all the details, I’m sure everything around me and I’m going to kick this thing’s ass. I look forward to the start of chemotherapy, going through this process and return to the football field,” – said Kuzin.

What is known about Aramis Cousin

21-year-old Aramis cousins in 2018, joined the “Obolon-Brovar”, and then in 2019 became the player of “Dnepr-1”, but never played for the first team. Since February of this year he played for the Danish “Aalborg”.

Now the canadian is in the hospital in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA).

Yuri Semeniuk

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