The 5 products you need to cut out flatulence

5 продуктов, которые нужно вычеркнуть при метеоризме

Flatulence or bloating is gas accumulation in the abdomen, which gives us a lot of unpleasant moments. In particular, when this disorder greatly decreases the quality of sleep.

Legumes. Immediately refrain from eating legumes, which are generally considered pretty healthy. But no other kind of food does not lead to such a powerful gas. Legumes contain a complex sugar called raffinose, which produces hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane.

Chewing gum. Habit is not to give up chewing gum leads to the fact that a person swallows excess air. In addition, in the manufacture of chewing gum using artificial sugars like sorbitol, radio and xylitol. Because we are often more difficult to digest food.

Sodas. It is easy to assume from their name, they contain a gas which will stand out in your stomach and intestines, causing bloating. In addition, they include baking soda, also amplifying the problem.

Coffee. Irritating the linings of the stomach, which can worsen your condition.

Dairy products. If the flatulence has become your constant companion, it could be due to the body’s inability to produce enough of the enzyme called lactose. Either your body can’t process the lactose contained in dairy products.