The 50-year anniversary of Apollo 11: what gifts have prepared society

50-летний юбилей Аполлон-11: какие подарки подготовило общество

Story happening here and now. Every day happens around us that in 50 years could become a legendary event. Sometimes it’s the ordinary things, sometimes great, such as flying to the moon. 50 years ago the foot of man first landed on the only satellite of the Earth and then human life has changed. Finally, we have risen far above what was imagined, and until today we remember this day as one of the memorable.

Half a century ago created the beginning of the story, which continues to this day. CI Tech has collected for you the most interesting cases and life stories of simple people and not so.

After all these years, everyone feels a thrill during the launch and still – this is the tenth flight or the first. Yes, even the audience every time I worried and worried. July 16, 1969 was the start of the mission “Apollo 11” on the rocket “Saturn V” from the air force station at Cape Canaveral in Florida. After 50 years, NASA conducts a test flight Ascent Abort 2 (AA-2) at the same Cape. The launch was the last test flight for the Artemis mission, which is to send the first woman and the next man on the moon aboard the space ship Orion in 2024. During this test flight was checked critical systems that will bring the command module and astronauts to a safe place if something goes wrong. This is what we learned from CNet.

How it happened: after the launch and recruitment of sufficient height, was launched emergency engine test apparatus “Orion”, separating the command module from the booster. After 3 minutes and 13 seconds command module crashed into the ocean. You need to focus on the fact that the sound is what impresses during the entire “action.” First, the noise of photographers, cameramen and journalists, then silence and the anticipation of the run, the takeoff, which is accompanied by laid ears and the splash of water during the incident module, which is more like a roar. But I digress. If something was wrong with the system – the astronauts would have survived. So this run is considered successful.

According to Charlie Precourt, a former Shuttle astronaut and NASA head of propulsion at Northrop Grumman (the company that created the missile system testing interrupt), it is a process that is actually a lot harder than it looks. “I like to describe it as the launch from the flying missiles”, – he said shortly after launch. “It’s hard enough to launch a rocket from a stationary launch pad – a launch pad for our system interrupts the run actually is a rocket moving at very high speeds, so it’s a very complex set of computer algorithms that control engine start”. I mean, just to launch a rocket is difficult, and to start the mechanism with the already flying missiles – tricky at times. But they managed to do it, and now there is every chance of a successful re-landing people on the moon.

“Our goal now is to go further, longer,” – said the head of the program “Orion” mark Karasic from the Space center. Kennedy. “And our goal is first to go to Mars, and ultimately bring humanity through the Solar system. At this time, the Moon is the place where we intend to develop and practice our methods in order to go to other destinations”. He also said that “the Next big check is the Moon.” If this launch got such delight from the audience, imagine what it was in 1969. Even then people understood that it remains a step forward, a step into the unknown that you want to study. Charlie Precourt, a former astronaut, said after the launch that space launches do never get old. And it’s true. No emotions like those that get during launch. Even training, but missiles. “The humming you heard of this thing?”, he asked. “You’ll never get tired of it.”

Another “anniversary gift” prepared by National Geographic, which is exactly 50 years after the launch of Apollo 11, July 16, 2019, will release a series of films about how this happened. One of them is called “Apollo: Mission to the moon” and created from archival records: photographs, audio and video files. This is according to TechCrunch. The filmmakers claim that the film involved 800 hours of audio, 500 hours of video and over 10,000 photos. This includes previously unpublished audio from the mission control center. Of course, this is not a film for several years, but the scale of the amount of material is really amazing. The point is that the audience saw everything as it was and didn’t guess on someone’s descriptions. Nobody can describe the taste of ice cream like myself after the test, right?

These films create a common picture and explain what happened then. Not only during the launch of Apollo 11, but also about the entire program. They also can see the beginning of the program of the cold war, though the emphasis is on research and space. It is important that the media in the series become characters of history because it was actually: the mission of Apollo 7, for example, was shown to the world live. After Apollo 11 landed on the moon, the audience fell interest to the mission. “It was about the quest. After this quest was completed, it was like: Now what?” – explained the film’s Director Tom Jennings. “I felt that we needed the film to properly acknowledge what we lost,” said Jennings. He remembered talking to Francis Northcutt, who worked as an engineer in the Apollo program, and she told him: “You know, it was all there. We were ready to go further into deep space. If we kept going, we would have people on Mars 30 years ago”. But due to the fact that now constantly coming up with new technologies and created opportunities for the development of Jennings is confident that “we will return to the moon. Something will be set on the moon.”

Besides all this, the brand MoonPie wants to join the flight to the moon in 2024. The company is confident that it can become a symbol of not only this mission, but all missions to the moon in principle. They genuinely want to be the first brand on the moon, which is perfect for it because of the name and history that is even older than the history of NASA. The company now collects votes for a petition to MoonPie flew with astronauts in 2024 as a snack.

@NASA let’s put a MoonPie on the dang moon

– MoonPie (@MoonPie) on 3 July 2019.

Who knows how many more surprises are we preparing the society for the 50th anniversary of the mission Apollo 11, but we are confident that this day be remembered by people for a long time.

Earlier we talked about the fact that the Director of NASA told about the project Artemis: “We do this like never before.” There was also information that NASA has not yet developed a plan and budget to return to the moon by 2024.

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