The accident in the river: the car crashed into a tree

ДТП в Днепре: автомобиль врезался в дерево

In the river, law enforcement officers establish the details of the recent accident during which a car crashed into a tree. Recall that the accident occurred the 28th of January on the territory of the streets of Svyatoslav the Brave.

Reportedly, the car brand Volkswagen went from Gagarin Avenue in the direction of Pushkin street. While driving the driver lost control of the vehicle that was the cause of an emergency. As reported, the car at the speed drove into a tree. To a scene there arrived an ambulance. It is also reported that the state of one of participants of road accident remained grave. A man in a coma, hooked him to the ventilator.

At the moment the incident investigations are conducted. Police are looking for anyone who saw the accident or incident recorded on the DVR.

All witnesses are asked to contact by phone: (063) 965-44-55, (097) 872-05-79 – Vyacheslav, the investigator of SU of GUNP.