The accident killed British rapper Cadet

В ДТП погиб британский рэпер Cadet

Taxi in which the musician went to his concert at Keele University (Staffordshire), crashed into the van

The accident occurred on the morning of February 9 in the village of Batley. 28-year-old rapper died at the scene.

The police finds out circumstances of the accident.

Cadet, whose real name is blaine Cameron Johnson, gained fame in 2006 when he appeared in a few clips crew Gipset rap Duo Krept and Konan. Began his solo career in 2015 YouTube track Slut, participated in various projects. In 2018, released two singles – Advice, which entered the British top 40 for the year, and Pumpy.

The British press Association reported that the Cadet went to the concert, which was planned in the University of Kiel.