The accused in the brutal murder of his sister, 18-year-old boy tried to escape from a Moscow court through the ceiling. Video

In Moscow, the defendant almost escaped from the courtroom, climbed out of the cage and tried to leave the room through the ceiling. The incident occurred in the Dialogues of sudarymo in front of police and got on the video, which shows that the police beat the fugitive with stun guns, but he still continued to resist. In the end, he was returned to the cage and sent under arrest for two months.

It is worth noting that the “hero” of the video was 18-year-old Leonid Grazer, who the day before was arrested for the brutal murder of 21-year-old sister. He slashed the girl with a knife and she died from blood loss in the entrance, trying to ask for help from neighbors. Meanwhile, her brother in the Nude painted walls of the room where attacked sister by ritual signs.