The accused threatened the victim’s lawyer with a gun

Обвиняемый угрожал адвокату потерпевшего пистолетом

For consideration of the appeal, which was held at the Melitopol court, a man appeared with a gun. Also, being in an alcohol intoxication, he began to threaten the victim’s lawyer.

A resident of Melitopol received a suspended sentence for car theft. Such a soft decision of the court was challenged by the lawyer of the victim, filed a complaint in the court of appeal of Zaporozhye. 19 Dec via videoconference, she must have been treated. However, the accused, having met a human rights activist in the corridor of the Melitopol court began to call him obscene words and promised that health that much worse. However, he showed a gun.

The lawyer called the police by dialing 102. Arrived squad withdrew from the brawler weapon and took him to the police station.

However, a criminal case on the fact of hooliganism and illegal bearing of arms was not instituted. The lawyer challenged the decision of law enforcement officers. Melitopol city district court ordered the police to bring information about the offense in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations.