The activists appealed to the President, Prime Minister and the head of the Ministry of culture for attempting to assign to the scandalous official times Poroshenko

Активисты обратились к президенту, премьеру и главе Минкульта из-за попытки назначения скандального чиновника времен Порошенко

The public is concerned about the manipulation that I want to implement in order to reassign the post of head of the State service for ethnic policy and freedom of conscience, the controversial official time Poroshenko – Andrew Urash.

In this regard, the activists sent an open letter to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk and Minister of culture Vladimir Borodyansky.

“Millions of believers of Ukraine with the hope of looking forward to peace in the country – not only in the East but also in all spaces of our long-suffering country.

It clearly showed enormous support for the new President, Vladimir Zelensky and his program, aimed at ensuring the rights and freedoms of all citizens. All hope for unification instead of division, interfaith harmony instead of hatred between Ukrainians. Especially dangerous and shameful was the policy of the previous President Petro Poroshenko regarding matters of faith, which he roughly used for their own political purposes. By their actions the former President not only boldly violate the cornerstone principles of the Ukrainian Constitution – the separation of state from Church Affairs and the equal rights and freedoms to freedom of religion, but also a number of international agreements, which Ukraine ratified the Ukraine as a civilized European country.

Moral and political responsibility for this lies with the officials of the Central Executive authority in the sphere of Church-state relations. Mr. Andriy yurash – Director of the Department of the Ministry of culture for religious Affairs and nationalities, all the previous five years, used his powers to undisguised preference is one of the denominations registered in Ukraine, and defiantly discriminated others, in particular, its priests and the faithful, violating the laws of Ukraine.

In September this year, the State Bureau of investigation opened a criminal investigation against this controversial officer for falsifying the case against the cleric of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Earlier District administrative court. Kiev found that the Ministry of culture had violated the law in matters of registration of statutes of religious organizations of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Is Andrew yurash refused to register dozens of religious organizations and made the pressure for this purpose, on other civil servants.

His comments in the media have crossed all limits and has caused indignation of the believers. So a year ago, he said that the state can deprive the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and Pochayiv Lavra.

“The prerogatives of the state authorities decide her fate”, – said the official.

A. yurash repeatedly and openly denied the right of religious communities, particularly the Ukrainian Council of churches and religious organizations to act as an opponent of the government in the violations of the rights and freedoms of believing citizens. By promoting several anti-Catholic bills, including No. 4128 (relative to the changes in subordination of religious communities), official directly expressed outrage at the fact that there is an alternative to expert society that does not support it.

Such statements are formed from religious leaders and experts of the negative attitude to A. Ursu on his competence as a religious scholar and his ability ntangiriro to manage the Department of the Ministry of culture for the Affairs of religions and nationalities.

For the duration of this official said office for the Western Ukraine there are hundreds of “hot spots” where conflict is not extinguished until now.

It was during his tenure at the United Nations stated concern about the facts of intolerance towards citizens belonging to the denominations in respect of which the state had deployed a campaign of discrimination. This is evidenced by the report of the office of the high Commissioner for human rights of the UN on situation with human rights in Ukraine, covering the period from 16 November 2017 15 February 2018. In October 2018 was signed communications a statement of the Special Rapporteur of the UN – in fact, for the first time in the history of Ukraine in the international community, which has special diplomatic and legal binding competences, opened the official proceedings on the facts of violations of the rights of believers of the UOC and sent to the state of Ukraine request based on the commitments of Ukraine to meet international standards for the protection of human rights on its territory. However, the response within the deadlines they have not received. It speaks volumes about the attempt by bureaucrats to hide the real situation of the discrimination of believers.

And on the eve of the presidential election, the UN published a report on the situation of human rights in Ukraine, which clearly stated: “OHCHR is concerned that the current political environment even more conducive to tension, which affects freedom of religion or belief”.

In order to immediately improve the protection of fundamental freedoms, OHCHR recommended that the government of Ukraine: “international obligations of Ukraine in the field of human rights (article 18 of the International Covenant on civil and political rights and article 2 of the Declaration on the elimination of all forms of intolerance and of discrimination based on religion or belief), that is, not only to ensure the right to manifest their religion or belief both individually and in Association with others, to observe, to perform rituals and carry out the training, but also to take effective measures to ensure that no one experienced discrimination by a state institution, groups of individuals or individuals on the grounds of religion or belief”.

These findings of international organizations is the evaluation of Andrey URSA as the Director of the Department of the Ministry of culture for the Affairs of religions and nationalities.

In this position, the obliging official has complied with all the absurd whim of their political leader, trampling the law and morality. Therefore, a solid, surprising attempt URSA quickly repainted to get in a new political team. After all, new policies are people have given their mandate in the hope that the full cleaning power of various “Urasai”, which plusnine cling to their chairs in the government offices, hiding their own shameful political past.

Therefore, we urge you to pay attention to the attempts to revise the results of the competition for the appointment of the Chairman of the State service for ethnic policy and freedom of conscience, which today are deployed with the aim to push A. Urasa for this position, and resolutely put an end to them. Obviously, such attempts indicate corruption due to which this odious official seeks to reverse the decision of the expert Committee. The government should give a decisive rebuff to any attempts of revenge of the destructive forces that discrediting it in the eyes of its citizens and the international community,” the letter reads.