The addition of Iceborne for Monster Hunter: World for the PC brought back the concept of 160,000 people

Дополнение Iceborne для Monster Hunter: World на PC вернуло в игру 160 000 человек

Two days ago, on January 9, the PC came Supplement Iceborne for Monster Hunter World, which managed to return to the game approximately 160 000 players on Steam.

According to Steam Charts, in the first days after the release, the DLC peak number of players amounted to 232 000 – the last year this indicator did not exceed 100 000, and it was better in August 2018, when released the original. Note that on weekends the numbers can go even higher.

At the time of writing the news virtual monster hunting takes about 122 000 gamers. The game sitting in fourth place in the top of the Steam on the number of players, losing only PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

After the release of Iceborne price of the base game dropped by half – from 1 to 999 999 rubles. Addition costs 1 599 rubles and play kit with the addition of 2 399 rubles.

According to Vasily Halirova, Supplement turned out amazing. Why – you can see from the video below. However, PC players massively complain about the technical flaws of the port, reducing the rating of the DLC in the store Valve, in particular, is seriously affected optimization.