The administration of the trump will send people to the moon “in any way” real soon

Администрация Трампа отправит людей на Луну «любым доступным способом» и поскорее

At the fifth meeting of the U.S. National space Council, Vice-President Mike Pence stated that the administration is going to trump whatever was to deliver people to the moon by 2024. Four years earlier than planned NASA space Agency.

Addressing the meeting, Pence said that the administration would achieve its goals “in any way”. Thus, NASA is challenged to adapt to new conditions and a new mentality, which involves setting ambitious targets and compliance schedules.

For these purposes, the administration of U.S. President ready to refuse to work with certain contractors who are now cooperating with NASA and develop new vehicles to deliver humans into deep space.

– If commercial rockets is the only option of shipping American astronauts to the moon in the next five years, then, be these commercial rockets, – said Pens and said that the head angle is urgency.

In the current concept NASA that involves landing on the moon in 2028, based on building an orbital lunar station Gateway interchange platform across the way from the Earth to the moon and back. Commercial companies are encouraged to develop a lander that would transport people from the station to the surface of the moon.

But the construction of the station should not start before 2022, and the first testing of the lunar landing – not before the mid 20-ies.

Besides, NASA is continuing the construction of a giant swertia Space Launch System that could launch the Orion capsule into deep space. SLS is sucking money and suffering from frequent postponements. First, the rocket was planned to build in 2017, but since the deadline for the first launch was postponed until June 2020. However, and this date is often questioned.

Task from the administration came amid budget cuts to NASA in building the SLS and Orion. However, NASA is not perceived as a great tragedy, because the money is not that resource which at this stage could speed up the construction shortage.

We do not ask for money to do their job. We just need a bit more time, – said the Agency.