The advantage on the side of Russia: New has predicted the outcome of full-scale war

Перевес на стороне России: Наев спрогнозировал исход полномасштабной войны

In the case of a large-scale attack of Russia on Ukraine in numbers and weapons superiority will still be on the side of the Russian army. However, the outcome will depend on the consolidation of the Ukrainian people, the sequence of our allies and international partners.

This was stated by the commander of the joint forces of Ukraine Sergey Nev in an interview with “Facts.” He stressed that in recent years our army has become significantly stronger.

“Note that at this stage the combined forces repeatedly demonstrated the ability not only to reflect the impact of the 1st and 2nd army corps, formed by the Russian military leadership, but also to apply adequate answers. The line of contact in Donbas, we control foolproof,” he said.

New said that the defenders of Ukraine every minute and every second prepared for any possible challenges and threats.

“The troops of the United forces, which I had the honor to command, is constantly hone and improve their skills, master the latest weapons, etc. On our sites practically do not stop exercises of various kind and level. Of course, a full – scale invasion is not a war of position with permanent attacks. But! Ukrainian army sample of 2019 are not those poor and understaffed brigades and battalions met with open aggression five years ago. APU over the years strengthened numerically and qualitatively: gained experience, got the latest models of weapons and changed tactics,” explained Lieutenant-General.