The advice of a nutritionist: how to speed up metabolism

Советы диетолога: как ускорить метаболизм

Metabolism can speed up or slow down depending on many factors – insufficient or excessive diet, by increasing or decreasing physical activity, the effects on the body of the climatic conditions, the presence of disease.

What you need to do to speed up metabolism – told the publication “” nutritionist Elena Yudina.

Metabolism – what is it?

This is the rate at which the human body transforms food into energy and consumes this energy.

That affect metabolism:

– composite body composition (what is more in the body fat or muscle mass. The more muscle the higher the metabolism);

– gender (male or female: men’s metabolism is higher for 5-10% than women);

– age (with age the metabolism slows down);

– dietary thermogenesis (the energy the body spends on digestion of food);

– physical activity (the total number of calories that you spend during any activity).

How to speed up metabolism

To speed up your metabolism at any age. The main thing – to observe the following rules.

1. Drinking regime

Water helps speed up metabolism by 3%. Daily allowance of pure water 40 ml*1 kg of actual body weight divided by 2. For example: a woman weighing 70 kg should drink 40 x 70:2 = 1400 ml of water.

2. Fractional power

It’s necessary to eat 4-6 times a day, every 3 hours. Those people who regularly snack, a whole day to eat less. And in any case don’t let yourself to starve. Starvation slows the metabolism.

3. Add protein

Lean protein helps to boost metabolism, as when eating, the body spends two times more calories for its processing.

4. Eat foods that accelerate metabolism

Enter in the diet of foods that help to disperse the metabolism. Namely: citrus, ginger, cinnamon, red hot pepper, green tea and coffee (not more than 3 cups a day), whole grains, and broccoli.

Also enter in the diet of foods containing omega-3 fatty acids are: fatty fish (mackerel, herring, salmon), Flaxseed oil, rice oil, nuts.

5. Breakfast

The one who refuses Breakfast – never accelerate your metabolism and not lose weight. The Breakfast gives a boost to the metabolism.

6. Healthy sleep

To accelerate metabolism, you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Remember, if you do not sleep sufficient amount of time to accelerate the metabolism impossible.

Photo: pixabay.