The airline Wizz Air “kicked out” of the Russians from the flight to Ukraine

Авиакомпания Wizz Air «вышвырнула» россиянина с рейса на Украину

The military situation in Ukraine ended almost six months ago, but Wizz Air still will not let me here the citizens of Russia aged 16 to 60 years, says the airline customer.

In November last year the government of Ukraine has stirred the public by putting in place the military situation after the aggravation of the situation in the Kerch Strait. Among the interim measures Kiev has banned the visit to the country for male Russian citizens aged 16 to 60 years. Then, many Russians have relatives in Ukraine, worried that these sanctions are perpetual and will not allow them to visit loved ones.

However, it soon became clear that with the end of martial law in Ukraine has abandoned the ban for the Russians. Recently, however, it turned out that last year’s restrictions are still performed by individual air carriers. In particular, the company Wizz Air is “thrown” living in Riga Russians from the flight to Ukraine.

About the incident, the man told on his page on Facebook. A resident of Riga with a Russian passport as a precaution, before taking a flight to Ukraine, learned the Ukrainian Embassy about possible restrictions. Getting a clear answer from diplomats that the men-Russians in the country allowed normally, he bought a ticket on a Wizz Air flight on may 4 and went to the airport, where he collided with the bureaucracy of the low-cost airline.

According to the man, he went through the check-in and customs without any problems, and the “gate” he was detained by the airline. Man cynically “kicked” from the flight at the last moment, explaining the ban by the internal regulations of Wizz Air. It turned out that the carrier continues to comply with the outdated recommendations of the state border service of Ukraine operating during the period of martial law.

Later the Russians turned on the “hot line” airline, but as it turned out, no spectralbovine nobody knows. The man added that such “chaos” is observed only in Wizz Air, as other airlines without problems support the Russians on Ukrainian flights. He turned to his friends with a request to circulate the post in Facebook in order to save travelling to Ukraine Russians about the “strangeness” of Wizz Air.

Авиакомпания Wizz Air «вышвырнула» россиянина с рейса на Украину

Авиакомпания Wizz Air «вышвырнула» россиянина с рейса на Украину