The aliens remotely introduce people essential implants – UFO

The aggressive actions of aliens, to the subordination of people of his own, is not as primitive and straightforward as portrayed in Hollywood films.

Пришельцы дистанционно внедряют людям эфирные импланты - уфологи

People with the course of evolution have developed their brain that sets them on a new stage of development. Along with the practical knowledge and skills, there are those special qualities that put an insurmountable wall between man and animal. At the same time with the ability to think abstractly, people have acquired the one quality that made them vulnerable to mind standing on the highest step, namely, suggestibility, openness of consciousness for the introduction of foreign ideas. Not sure whether the value of the hypothesis that the prohibition of alien civilizations of a higher level to conquer space with physical intervention, but the fact remains, cinematic wars with the use of “blasters” and other alien weapons in history have been recorded.

So, if you consider that there are aggressive designs of the aliens to capture the Earth as a unique oasis among the barren space, it is necessary to think, how do they operate?. The answer is obvious, given the main gaps in human nature, namely, the suggestion of necessary programs for the self-destruction of humanity. Ufologists have long developed and still promote the doctrine of etheric implants that are embedded into the aura. With high probability we can say that this method was adopted by aliens who bring humanity to the edge of the fatal precipice. Suffice it to recall the history of mankind over the past century with two world wars and the invention of nuclear weapons.

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