The alleged mistress of the groom Jennifer Lopez commented on the scandalous rumor

Предполагаемая любовница жениха Дженнифер Лопес прокомментировала скандальные слухи

The network has fascinated the romantic footage of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, the Baseball player, charming made the singer an offer and got her consent. However, this news provoked a lot of rumors, particularly about his infidelity.

9 Mar Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were engaged. The couple announced it on their pages on Instagram, posting a photo with a stunningly beautiful ring. Photo in a matter of hours gained more than 5 million likes, and the Western media exploded with happy news.

But while all were asleep loving couple greetings, a colleague of Alex Rodriguez made the scandalous statement. Jose Canseco accused baseball of deceit and treachery with his ex-wife. Although the evidence he had, however, expressed readiness to be tested on a lie detector.

The alleged mistress of the groom Jennifer Lopez decided to break the silence and comment on the scandalous rumours. On his Twitter page, Jessica Canseco denied the statement of the ex-wife, noting that he has only friendly relationship with Alex Rodriguez.

These erroneous charges Jose – not true! I know Alex for many years and not seen him in over 5 years. I definitely didn’t sleep with him. Just make friends with him and Jennifer. As for Jose, he can continue to play with your alien friends
– said Jessica Canseco.

The ex-wife of baseball player josé Canseco reminded the public of the absurd tweets athletes about dealing with humanoids. This statement he made just a few months ago, which may indicate a mental disorder.