The Ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine said that the Ukrainian language is hard to learn

Посол Венгрии в Украине посетовал, что украинский язык трудно учить

Budapest believes that children of national minorities should be educated in their native language, because they are supposedly better learn the material.

The Ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine Istvan Idart believes that for national minorities of the Ukrainian language should not be so much in school, and added that it is difficult to teach.

About this Idiart said in an interview with “Commander in chief”.

According to him, to teach the Ukrainian language is “hard” because there is confusion with Russian.

“The main argument of the Ukrainian side is the fact that Hungarians or other minorities poorly or do not speak the Ukrainian language. But this is again a question of approach, the question of possibilities: how many hours per week of a language (taught – ed.). The Ukrainian approach is that with 5 on 11 class most of the subjects will be taught in Ukrainian,” – said the diplomat.

He noted that the Hungarian approach is that children should learn in their native language, so they better learn the material.

“Ukrainian sets out five times a week. I think this would allow to study not worse, than as proposed by the Ukrainian side,” said Igarta.

The Ambassador fears that the combined system will lead to the fact that the children will speak neither Hungarian nor Ukrainian.

Also Idart argues that Hungary does not block the educational reform in Ukraine, “as it is put”.

We will remind, the Ambassador of Hungary Istvan Igarta said that Budapest will continue to block the Council Ukraine-NATO. According to him, the actions of Hungary due to the Ukrainian law on education, which “violates the rights of ethnic Hungarians”. While the Hungarian diplomat insists that the actions of Budapest did not prevent Ukraine’s integration into NATO.