The Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany “rescued” another call for lifting sanctions on Russia

Посол Украины в ФРГ "отбил" очередной призыв об отмене антироссийских санкций

Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andrew Miller once again entered into public discussion with a German politician who has questioned the European sanctions with regards to the occupied Russian Crimea.

This time the object of criticism was the Minister of the land Brandenburg for Europe Katrin Lange (SPD), who recently demanded an end to sanctions against Russia imposed in 2014 after the annexation of Crimea, reports UKRINFORM.

“In Berlin we have introduced a very clear scheme that works like a Swiss watch: every German politician who makes statements running contrary to the national interests of Ukraine, received from the Embassy of the strong fought back with heavy artillery, an influential German media,” the Ambassador said in an interview with the Agency.

Especially tough you have to “down to earth” those who awkwardly flirts with Russia, said Miller. According to him, this time stumped myself decided to drive Catherine Lange, who immediately received a “cold media shower”.

This tactic always works, because none of the German politicians does not like harsh public criticism. They are extremely sensitive and painfully react to such undiplomatic media assaults, especially on the front pages of leading Newspapers, the Ambassador said.

The main thing, he stressed, such inform-reason given by the Ukrainian Embassy to stick in the public space of Germany is strategically important for Ukraine’s message, first of all, on receiving from Berlin the prospects of Ukraine’s membership in the European Union.

Lange in his article for the Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung noted that the relations between the EU and Russia “stalled” and are “unsatisfactory”, that “sanctions are hurting Russia and Germany, and on the other hand does not help Crimea,” therefore, meaning is not in them.

Ukrainian Ambassador called such statements of policy “irresponsible” and “causing confusion”. In the same newspaper, he said that the statements of Mrs. Lange “strike in the back of the Federal government of Germany, to whom Ukrainians are very thankful as well as all partners in the EU that solidarity introduced these punitive measures against the Kremlin”.

He stressed that “sanctions against Russia are the only effective means of political pressure to prevent a much larger war and force the master of the Kremlin to sit at the negotiating table”.

“All those politicians who are questioning the economic sanctions, guided purely by populist motives, is automatically in favor of a military solution to the conflict,” said Miller, expressing hope that it “not an option, which gives preference to German social-democracy.”

The Ambassador also commented the publication of the Brandenburg Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten, who recalled that the sanctions against Russia were introduced as joint reaction of Germany and all EU countries egregious violations of international law and war crimes of Putin. He added that the Ukrainians would like more stringent punitive measures against Moscow, but failed to implement for political reasons.

The diplomat stressed that Ukraine now we are talking about survival: 7 percent of its national territory occupied by Russia, which is equal to the area of the land Brandenburg, Berlin, Thuringia, together. According to him, sanctions have prevented large-scale military invasion of Putin. Although they, unfortunately, have not led to the master of the Kremlin ended its war and left the occupied territory of Donbass and Crimea.

“Sanctions, however, reach its result, as a rule, in the medium or long term. Therefore, it is necessary to be strategic patience. Sanctions spoil the appetite of Putin on the conduct of new wars and increase the price of its current occupation policy, which is contrary to international law”, – said the Ambassador.

Miller is convinced that Putin will go for de-escalation only when he is forced to this large-scale sanctions by powerful pressure from the West. Flirting will not be able to force Putin no concessions, because it recognizes only force.