The AMC recommended to reduce the tariffs for heating and hot water

АМКУ порекомендовал снизить тарифы на отопление и горячую воду

The Antimonopoly Committee recommended that the utility companies and local governments to reconsider tariffs for the population for heating and hot water because of lower gas prices.

In published on Friday on the website of the Committee recommendations it is noted that in the second half of 2019 the price of supply for CTV gas dropped by 23% from 5,553 thousand UAH for 1 thousand cubic meters in June 2019 to 4,276 thousand UAH in December.

This is the basis for a significant reduction in the prices of services for the supply of heat and hot water, reports the antitrust Agency.

They also added that in December last year, the government adopted a decree (No. 1082), which gave the heat supply organizations the right to change the amount of fees for services rendered, in the case of gas prices.

In the recommendations it is noted that at present, a number teplopostochanya organizations are already working to change the sizes of the charges, however, take appropriate action, not all by CTV.

In addition, the Committee also notes the need to implement the recalculations for the failure, not provided in full amount or inadequate quality of services, taking into account the abnormally warm winter.