The American clergy were indignant because of the photo of trump with the Bible

Американское духовенство возмутилось из-за фото Трампа с Библией

Representatives of different faiths said that the us leader used the Holy book and the Church as a prop for the message that is opposite to the teachings of Jesus.

The clergy of the United States was troubled by the fact that the President of the United States Donald trump was photographed outside the Church with a Bible in his hand, and before it ordered the police to use rubber bullets and tear gas against peaceful demonstrators to pave the way to the Church. On Tuesday, June 2, reports The Washington Post.

This aroused the indignation of the clergy. So, the Bishop of the Episcopal diocese of Washington, Mariann Budd stated that it is outraged that the officers used tear gas to clear the crowd of peaceful demonstrators and to make room for trump. The Bishop added that she was not informed about the events that were scheduled by law enforcement. She noted that the message trump is contrary to the values of love and tolerance, supported by the Church, and described the gesture of the US President as an opportunity to use the Church and the Bible as “scenery”.

“Let me be clear, the President has just used the Bible, the sacred text of the Judeo-Christian tradition and one of the churches of my diocese, without permission, as a background for the message, the opposite of the teachings of Jesus,” she told reporters.

Other religious leaders also shared the view expressed by Budd. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, the Primate of the Episcopal Church, has accused trump of using the Church and the Bible in “party political purposes”.

And Catholic priest Edward Beck said that the Bible was never used more insincere and exploitative way.