The American congressmen will visit Ukraine

Американские конгрессмены посетят Украину

The delegation of U.S. congressmen on 30 June, will arrive in Ukraine for meetings with Zelensky and KOBOLEV.

The delegation of the US congressmen within the framework of the European tour 30 June – 1 July visit to Ukraine, where he will meet with President Vladimir Zelensky and the head of Naftogaz Andrey KOBOLEV.

“June 30 – July 1, Ukraine will be visited by a bipartisan U.S. Congress delegation led by leader of the Democrats in the House of representatives Stanley Heuer. The visit of us lawmakers is another evidence maintain a high level of attention to Ukraine on Capitol hill and an important demonstration of support for the Ukrainian people against Russian aggression”, – stated in the message on the U.S. Embassy website in Facebook in the night of Saturday, June 29.

During the visit, the delegation, which also includes congressional Republicans That number and garret graves, and members of the house of representatives from the Democratic party, Steve Cowan and Shaft Demings, the planned meeting with President Vladimir Zelensky, representatives of the Executive and legislative branches of government, the public sector.

It is also reported that the planned meeting of American delegation with the leadership of the Naftogaz of Ukraine to discuss energy security issues.

In addition, the congressmen intend to visit the Independence square to honor the memory of the Heavenly hundred heroes and to pay tribute to the victims of the tragedy of Babi Yar.