The American crypto currency exchange creates its own insurance company

Американская криптобиржа создает свою страховую компанию

Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange (California, USA) plans to expand its activities in the insurance industry, in partnership with reinsurance broker Aon, Reinsurance News reports.

According to the publication, created by the insurance company will provide insurance for risks which are directly related to the transactions with the digital currency. A similar idea has been previously implemented by reinsurer Aon through its offices in the Cayman Islands.

Create specialized cryptocurrency on the operations of insurers, according to a representative of Aon, to fill the missing coverage for the participants of the cryptocurrency market.

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“Not enough opportunities, and some don’t like what’s available on the market and they are looking for alternative solutions,” commented managing Director of Aon Jacqueline Quintal.

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Previously, Aon participated in the creation of insurance coverage for Coinbase wallets worth nearly $255 million According to some reports, the number of users of Coinbase has more than 13 million