The American diplomat has proposed to declare persona non grata

Американского дипломата предложили объявить персоной нон-грата

Vice-Chairman of the German Bundestag Wolfgang Kubicki harshly criticized the U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell and demanded “immediately to declare him persona non grata”.

He stated this in an interview with AFP, which is published on the German version of the website.

“Whoever, being an American diplomat, acting as the high Commissioner of the occupation authorities, should understand that our tolerance has its limits” – said the politician, who is also Vice Chairman of the opposition Free democratic party. According to him, “we can not tolerate” the attempts of Grenelle to interfere in politics of a sovereign state.

In mid-January 2019 Grenell sent to German firms on the letter, which warned about the possibility of introducing in them the relationship of restrictive measures from Washington because of the support construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2”. In them the diplomat stressed that their participation in the project “may entail the imposition of sanctions.”