The American has won the lottery of $22 million – and shared half with a friend

Американец выиграл в лотерею $22 миллиона - и поделился половиной с другом

An American resident of Wisconsin won the lottery of $ 22 million and, following a long-standing agreement with his friend, gave him half of the winnings.

“For some, a promise to a friend can be more valuable than multi-million dollar prize. It was for the residents of Wisconsin Tom cook, who agreed with his friend Joe Feeney, what if someone will win the lottery, I will share half with the other. The agreement was sealed only with a handshake”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that after 28 years cook won $ 22 million in the Powerball lottery and immediately called his old friend.

The winners chose to receive a lump sum cash payment, which final amount was much lower than the original winning. After taxes, each of the friends have received about $5.7 million

Reportedly, they don’t know where to spend the money, but admitted that “I can’t think of a better reason to retire”.