The American startup is testing a giant centrifuge to launch missiles

Startup SpinLaunch decided to realize a long-standing idea: to spin the rocket in a giant mechanical centrifuge and send them into orbit using centrifugal force.

The company SpinLaunch is already preparing to open the first factory, which will collect the boosters. Its founder, an entrepreneur from Silicon valley, Jonathan Jani, explained to reporters Wired, how will the technology based on centrifugal force.

How will the technology of launching missiles

The centrifuge is larger than a football field would have to spin the missile about an hour, at a speed of 8,000 km/h, and then launch it into the stratosphere. On the border with outer space rocket with a load up to 90 kg satellites will include the engine and will reach orbit.

As evidence of the viability of the idea of a startup’s engineers have already hyped so 5-pound disc and ran it into a steel wall. But still, between this test and launch a real rocket about the size of a SUV is a significant difference.

Американский стартап тестирует гигантскую центрифугу для запуска ракет

Американский стартап тестирует гигантскую центрифугу для запуска ракет

“Throwing” missiles into orbit considerably reduce the cost of launch price

The founder of a startup is hoping that this winter SpinLaunch will hold the first suborbital launch from the landfill in new Mexico.

If he is successful, the technology will reduce the cost of sending satellites into space about 20 times.

However, the main advantage of this approach is the frequency of launches. The founder expects that the centrifuge can run up to five start times per day, whereas for the vast majority of companies, and five per month – too much.

Launch price

A launch will cost 500 thousand dollars. SpinLaunch going to work only with those clients who send into orbit tens or hundreds of satellites.

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