The American sunk two expensive SUV, trying to save your boat (VIDEO)

Американец утопил два дорогих внедорожника, пытаясь спасти свой катер (ВИДЕО)

Very ridiculous story occurred over the weekend in Indiana (USA), where the Americans unsuccessfully tried to save drowning boat with cars.

According to the portal Carscoops, the incident occurred in the town of cedar lake, the center of which is the same lake luxury homes on the shore. For some unknown reason luxury boat Pavati worth $300,000 owner of the mansion began to sink, and the man tried to pull him to shore with the help of cars.

In his possession was a truck F-150 Raptor and Jeep Wrangler, but none of them with the task failed, both were flooded, having, obviously, a hammer. Note that the new Raptor in the US is over $50,000, Wrangler – $30 000.

The name of an American not reported, but with the finances he all good: the pictures in his Instagram you can see a Lamborghini Gallardo and Huracan, Audi R8, another customized Jeep Wrangler and a helicopter.