“The Americans are selling us junk for big money”

«Американцы втюхивают нам старье за бешеные деньги»

The so-called U.S. military aid to Ukraine – Kiev sales of obsolete weapons at inflated prices. About it on air of TV channel “NewsOne” said Ukrainian military historian, journalist Yury Dudkin, the correspondent “Politnavigator”.

“It (purchased from U.S. weapons – approx. ed.) we don’t need. We have the basics, we can produce it yourself, would be mad enough to revive or re-birth. But the junk that we buy today the United States is scrap,” he said.

“Even Germany by the end of the Second world war came to those types of weapons that we are trying to purchase. So it’s 1945!

And we are trying to buy junk that Americans have not needed. They have lying around, and they sell us for big money. They don’t give us, and I emphasize it again. And they will continue to peddle it to us,” added Yury Dudkin.