The Americans introduced the camper on the Porsche 911 (VIDEO)

Американцы представили кемпер на базе Porsche 911 (ВИДЕО)

So engineers have demonstrated the capacity of the roof.

It should be noted that the Porsche 911 Carrera, there are several interesting versions, including among them the number 996 Carrera 4S with a tent on the roof. Experts of Studio Kelly-Moss Road from 911 Wisconsin camper with a sleeping place the roof. To order this design as far as rugged, the roof of the Porsche set another car brand.

The basis of his project the tuners took 911 Carrera 1984, which was the most modified. After a number of modifications of the German sports car turned into an off-road coupe, but rear arch was an increase of 7 mm, while the front gained 14 mm. Thanks to the specialists smoothly install on the machine massive tire BG Goodrich.

Body tuningowanych car received reinforcement cage, the weight machines amounted to only 1.2 tons. Has also been redesigned suspension sports car, which use Eibach springs, which provide an 11-inch stroke front and 10-inch stadii, and adjustable twin-tube dampers Exe-Tc.

In the motion model driven the 3.4-litre upgraded powertrain, whose power is 340 horsepower, and a couple he is manual transmission. The cockpit received a rear view camera, leather Recaro seats and more.

The new project was named Willy and released in a single aksamlari.