The Americans put into orbit the largest satellite ever

Американцы вывели на орбиту самый большой спутник в истории

Every year scientists send dozens of satellites of various types from the Earth into space. The press service of the U.S. air force announced the launching of the largest in the history of the satellite.

What is known about the companion DSX? The key difference of the satellite of the U.S. air force under the name DSX steel dimensions: when deployed on the ground, its surface area would take a whole football field, reports SpaceNews.

The camera features an 82-metre antennas designed to study the radiation environment in space and its effects on space Shuttle components.

Американцы вывели на орбиту самый большой спутник в истории

Satellite DSX

Note, DSX became the largest of the 24 satellites placed in orbit by a rocket, the Falcon Heavy of SpaceX.

Air force are interested in using satellites in the region where DSX collects data. Radio waves of very low frequency interact strongly with the electrons that are dangerous to spacecraft,
– said the chief researcher on the project James Maccollo.

The main objectives of supnicu of the air force. “The work of the DSX will help to more deeply understand the key process which regulates the radiation environment: the long antenna allows the device to transmit radio waves VLF to be used in experiments,” he added Maccollo.

The duration of the mission. According to the Director of the laboratory of the U.S. air force Eric Felt, the mission of the DSX satellite will last about a year, after which the researchers plan to publish the results of research through the web Ministry website and social networks.

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