“The amount of 9 billion rubles are given.” In “Gazprom” stated that he had not announced the amount of the debt for gas, which was obliged to write off the court in Grozny

"Сумма в 9 млрд руб. не указана". В "Газпроме" заявили, что не озвучивали сумму долга за газ, которую обязал списать суд в Грозном

Deputy General Director of OOO “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz terrible” Rustam Amerkhanov called “information surge” announced in the media the amount of debt of the Chechen population to 9 billion rubles, which the court in Grozny, ordered to be written off. At the same time in the cache of the website of the Prosecutor’s office of Chechnya left the news, which mentioned that such a sum.

The factory district court of Grozny, which has obliged open company “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz terrible” to write off a bad debt the amount of debt of the population of Chechnya for gas, did not specify a specific amount. On the 21st of January, said TASS Deputy Director of the company Rustam Amerkhanov.

According to him, he did not understand where in the media did the figure of 9 billion rubles (about UAH 4.4 bn), because in the operative part of the judgment it is not.

Amerkhanov expressed the opinion that the appearance of the figures was “information spreading”.

Initially, the Prosecutor’s office of the Chechen Republic was discussed (in the cache have kept the original version of the news): “as a result of unlawful inaction of the defendant, uncollectible arrears for natural gas exceeding 9 billion rubles, in the prescribed manner has not been charged”.

After a few hours the news prosecutors have been edited by removing from it the amount of debt.

On 18 January it became known that in Grozny, the court has obliged “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz terrible” to write off the debts of the population of Chechnya for natural gas in the amount of 9 billion rubles Reason – to avoid protests.

Amerkhanov said that the appeal against the decision have been filed.