The analyst believes that Ukrainian society too literally perceive the state dependence on other countries

Аналитик полагает, что украинское общество слишком буквально воспринимает зависимость государства от других стран

Well-known Ukrainian economist, President of the Center for economic development Alexander Paskhaver suggested that repeatedly sounded the hypothesis of absolute dependence of the Ukrainian economy from Russia, but it was fully false.

“This forecast did not materialize. And dynamism of our economy has been proven. We effectively and quickly won a variety of positions worldwide, including in the European Union. Now the EU for Ukraine – a much larger partner than Russia. Therefore, the fears that were injected, did not materialize. Especially when you consider that our economy is becoming more market-oriented and more dynamic, I think that in the future we will not have problems depending on, the EU will collapse or not,” he said during a chat in the Editor.

According to Paskhaver, Ukraine is ready to trade with many countries of the world. Ukrainian producers in recent years have proved that their products were high quality and in demand from foreign consumers.

“Will Ukraine be able to achieve prosperity without cooperation with Russia? This is a dishonest question. Why do you think that Ukraine can prosper by interacting with Russia? Or another question – can we assume that the Soviet Ukraine flourished? You just need to remember the standard of living in the Soviet Ukraine.

See also”the Europeans are tired”: the economist predicted the imminent lifting of sanctions against Rossijski we look at the factors that point to “quality of life”, we see that now we live not worse, but better than in the Soviet Union”, – he stressed.

The economist added that now the Ukrainian citizens in terms of access to different kinds of services live a much better and more comfortable than in the days of the Soviet Union. Among the negative factors he identified only the higher cost of the sausage, but the expert does not read this product the measure of success of the state.

“When today I say that now is worse, I always specify in what sense worse. Yes, sausage is more expensive. But there are a thousand other factors that say about the quality of life. It seems to me that we live much more freely than in the Soviet times, and therefore better”, – concluded the analyst.