The analyst said communication instructor for the Ministry of energy Busevec with the oligarch

Политолог заявил о связи руководительницы Минэнерго Буславец с олигархом

Busevec due to their activity attracted a lot of attention and became “toxic, carrying a strong and potential risk”, said the expert.

The division of Minamaneho on two ministries almost coincided with the end of term Olga Bukovec on the position of acting head of this Department. Now she can lead the reconstructed energy for another 60 days in the status of BP. acting, which is a very negative factor for the crisis in the industry that require stable control.

As reported by “dengie” this opinion was expressed in Facebook by political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko.

According to the analyst, about bureaucratic trick Busevec according to the data of the media that point to the lobbying of interests of the company DTEK, owned by Rinat Akhmetov.

“For the sake of thermal power plants Rinat Akhmetov she stopped for unscheduled repair record in the history of Ukraine the number of nuclear power plants. In favor of solar and wind power plants Akhmetov she, again for the approval of people who at first imitated, and then disrupted the negotiations on reduction of tariffs for “green” generation”. In this sense, you can also talk about “technology Bukovec – said Fesenko.

However, says the analyst, Bukovec due to its extraordinary activity has attracted a lot of attention and became “toxic, carrying a strong and potential risk.”

“First, is the risk for Prime Minister Smagala. He recently must approve the program of the government. And Parliament would certainly think about the problems in the field of energy and uncertain about the status of Roslavets – said Fesenko. – Secondly, it’s a risk that the Rinat Akhmetov. Too big and controversial attention brought to Olga Anatolievna. If we are lobbying, then you should do it more elegant and less noticeable. In this regard, let me remind you that toxic and conflicted characters in power does not like the President Zelensky”.

In summary, the analyst said that the country needs a stable and non-scandalous Minister of energy.

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