The ancient cemetery of mammoths looking for near Volgograd

St. Petersburg geologists and paleontologists, and Volgograd divers using the most modern equipment for a month and a half trying to solve the mystery of burigoalini and explore the remains of extinct animals.

Древнее кладбище мамонтов ищут под Волгоградом

Scientists from Volgograd and St. Petersburg teamed up for an interesting purpose: to solve the mystery of a possible perigourdine and conduct palaeontological investigations near Volgograd. This region is chosen not casually: recently, a local Amateur diver came across under water at a depth of 15 meters on the extraordinary “logs” with clear margins and growth rings, which was a 30-pound Tusk of an adult male mammoth and ulna of mammoth-toddler 5 years. They probably showered together with the ground during landslides and got into the water.

Scientists suggest that animals which belong to the remains, lived near the Volga river at least 100-120 thousand years ago, and during the next spring floods, drowned in the river. Paleontologists believe that sank here, not individual representatives, and a whole herd of extinct mammals, and therefore now geologists are actively seeking the ancient cemetery of mammoths. It is likely that it will find in the area of Raygorod and Svetlyy Yar, the site of the tectonic plates.

Found the remains will help scientists better understand peculiarities of the extinct mammals of the family elephantidae in the region and their influence on the formation of local nature.

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