The animators showed how could look like the iconic Full Throttle in a modern wrap

Аниматоры показали, как могла бы выглядеть культовая Full Throttle в современной обертке

Full Throttle – classic quest from the now closed LucasArts, released in 1995. In 2017, the Studio Double Fine has released a remaster of the project with visual improvements. And in the days of the London animation company Red Knuckles showed how could look like the current remake of Full Throttle. The band released a trailer for a potential game with a three-dimensional environment and modern visual design.

The video shows how the main character Ben is racing on his bike on the road in the desert. A man holds a cigar in his mouth and confidently declares: “no One can stop me“. Then the protagonist sees a stranger in the distance, speeding towards the ship like the Space Shuttle, kicking up clouds of dust. Ben decided not to give way, moved to the center of the highway and accelerated. The trailer ended at the moment of collision the big guys.

The idea of the video belongs to two employees Red Knuckles Rica Tiel, there (Rick Thiele) and UCCI Mario (Mario Ucci). The authors gave the following comment about his work: “a Character is successful when it is easy to understand, charismatic, and you catch the essence of this man. The most difficult to take the fundamental principle of the game so well predefined, appearance, and upgrade it without losing the soul – and even add more [suitable] from himself. I think we managed to accomplish this feat“.