The anniversary of Kristallnacht, the pogrom of Jews in European countries

Годовщина "Хрустальной ночи", погрома евреев в европейских странах

Here, on Oranienburger Strasse, in the heart of Berlin is one of the famous synagogues of the city. About what occurred in “Kristallnacht”, organized by the Nazis 80 years ago, a Jewish pogrom, says Berlin historian Amos .

“Stormtroopers entered the synagogue and began to smash it, they tore the Torah scrolls, they were broken and burned objects of Jewish religious worship, and the same thing happened all over Germany. Smashes the glass in the Windows of Jewish shops and workshops, was beaten by the Jews themselves, abused their families. And this happened not only in Germany but also in Austria and in the Sudetenland.

Synagogue, of which we speak, became to some extent an exception: here suzman, patrol officer, came to the defense of synagogues, he drove the attack and called the fire Department to extinguish the fire in the building. The building is overall not too then hit, and the property at the time it was saved. Now the synagogue is protected by the German government as a historical monument.

My grandfather was a Berliner, his bar mitzvah was celebrated in one of the synagogues of the city, in its Western part, it is completely erased from the face of the earth on the orders of Goebbels.

“Kristallnacht” marked the beginning of a massive anti-Semitic propaganda and the destruction of the Jews, all that happened 80 years ago in the capital of Nazi Germany was including the tragic history of my family”.

During the “Kristallnacht” was destroyed more than a thousand synagogues and seven thousand houses belonging to Jews, 30 thousand Jews were arrested and deported to death camps.

Годовщина "Хрустальной ночи", погрома евреев в европейских странах

Action in memory of those killed in the Berlin Holocaust memorial

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