The announcement of the Exposure puzzle on the basis of the cancelled prequel to Portal

Анонс Exposure - головоломки на основе отмененного приквела Portal

F-STOP – canceled prequel to the Portal, where the main device to solve the puzzles was to be no portal gun, and camera. Second life the game decided to give the indie Studio LunchHouse Software, which announced puzzle Exposure.

The game is based on the source code of F-STOP, which Valve has provided developers. Judging from the premiere trailer, the player can manipulate objects, making pictures of them. It looks like this: the photographed subject disappears from the level, remaining on the screen of your camera, then you can place it elsewhere by changing, for example, its size.

Details about the plot yet, but the video on the cubes you can see the logo of Aperture Science Innovators is one of the last names of Aperture Science. To draw conclusions too early, but probably the game will be a prequel to Portal from other developers.

If you believe the fan wiki, events F-STOP was developed in the 1950s, and the main character was a girl named Mel. Antagonist – CEO and founder of Aperture Science, who, wishing to live forever, moved your mind into the computer, which began to lose their humanity.

No release date or platform, the authors are not known.