The AP published the historical frame of the death of protester

Агентство AP опубликовало исторический кадр гибели протестующего

The Associated Press (AP) published a video which captures the moment of the death of a protester in Minsk on August 10. Some footage of this tragedy appeared on the Internet earlier. But on Saturday published what before been seen.

This picture (see photo next to the title) to some mass media named “photo of the day”. On it Alexander Traykovski filmed face to us, the audience. Between us and the protester, pressing his hand to his chest under a bloodstained shirt, standing seven commandos (behind the scenes more of them). They look at Tarnovskogo probably with obvious curiosity: how long he will stay on his feet. In any case, their shapes and spins Express cold, almost laboratory interest.

There is another video, almost done “from behind” Tarnovskogo. When a person with raised hands is in close proximity to the rows of soldiers, to meet him, suddenly flashes a bright dot of fire (freeze frame). It probably was the shot.

Is the third shot. It was conducted from a different point, top roof or upper floor of a neighboring house. Rank commandos shot the man in the white t-shirt. He hesitantly takes one step and falls on his back. After a moment, the soldiers quickly go to the lying body. This second frame appears in the car driving a few meters from the soldiers, already ran to the victim. One of them hurried to the car and shot her – this is evident in the cloud of smoke from the barrel. Probably the shot was made that the witness did not stop, and, frightened, quickly passed on.

On Saturday at noon in Minsk on the square near the metro station “Pushkinskaya” took place civil funeral and a mass rally in memory of the deceased 34-year-old Alexander Tarnovskogo.

The official reaction of Minsk police to publish photographs of AP have not yet been.

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