The Apocalypse will come in the period of Putin’s rule, the prophet

2021 will be the last for mankind, consider the prophets. During this period, Russia will rule Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Апокалипсис наступит в период правления Путина - пророк

Ordinary people, who dreaded the onset of the end of the world, wondering how Putin will survive the Apocalypse? How will he be saved? The answer to this question was provided by the military expert. He claims that Putin has a specially equipped fleet with aircraft of the “judgment day”.

If the end of the world begins because of a nuclear war, the President of the Russian Federation in 2021 evacuated on one of them. Now it becomes clear why Putin is actively developing space forces. Apparently the ruler of the Russian Empire understands that this term will be the last for mankind.

First and foremost, a military expert said the Tu-214СР that allow the President to freely perform its duties under the leadership of the country from the air. A Vladimir Putin is the Il-80. Experts have called this aircraft is invincible. In any case, the global elite already has a fallback plan in the event that can permanently destroy humanity.

Many prophets, including the deceased Wang, said that the world will end in 2021. Thus, the Earth will completely disappear after three years. During this time, the authorities intend to prepare and plan how to escape and where to go.

In 2021, the prophets predicted the inversion of Earth’s magnetic field, which will affect the atmosphere and will deprive the planet’s gravity. A large part of humanity will perish. And those who create for themselves the conditions of life on another planet or in space, will survive and continue the human race.

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