The Apple Card was very impractical

Apple Card оказалась очень непрактичной

One of the chips is credit card the Apple Card was titanium, which is resistant to external influences. However, the ambitious owners of credit cards have to spend on additional protection, because the crash test, the novelty has not passed.

What’s the problem? Although the concept of the Apple Card does not involve the frequent use of the card, the manufacturer has recommended owners to get a protective case, according to SlashGear.

White color titanium rectangle attached multi-color, which, as it turned out, can easily wear off or scratched.

How to care for Apple Card? In its recommendations, Apple advises to keep the map away from materials like leather and denim, that is not to be worn in the pockets of his jeans and purses. Additionally, companies are advised to avoid proximity with the magnets, so as not to ruin the magnetic strip and store the novelty separately from other Bank cards.

The Corporation even published on its website a special instruction for using the Apple Card. Among the recommendations – “gently wipe it with a soft, slightly damp microfiber cloth is lint-free, and also avoid contact of the surface of the card with the means for washing Windows or dishes or abrasive cleaners”.

Apple Card – watch the video

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