The Apple logo will get a number of useful features

Логотип Apple получит ряд полезных функций

The Apple logo of the iPhone has always had only a decorative function. However, according to a new patent, Apple intends to make its logo on the device more useful and functional.

What changes are waiting for the logo? In one of the last of Apple’s patents we are talking about the use of the logo on the back of the smartphone as of indicator of new messages, reports The Verge.

According to the description it can light up when an incoming call, a calendar reminder or during other events. The logo can Shine with different colors or blinking to attract the user’s attention.

In addition, the document States that in this way will be able to personalize the look of the device.

How to make the Apple logo glow – watch videos

Which devices will get the “updated” logo? Interestingly, the patent mentions the use of such logo is not only iPhone but also other products such as the iPad, iMac or MacBook. The latter is particularly interesting, because until 2015 laptops Apple on the back cover and it was an Apple that glows.

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