The Apple Warranty. The truth about loyalty

Гарантия Apple. Вся правда о лояльности компании

Someone praises Apple for its products, while others would criticize them. The other day I for the first time in 12 years of using Apple technology applied to the service for warranty repair and was a little surprised by what happened in a few days.

The contents

  • 1 how it all began? Scratches on MacBook screen
  • 2 As I did
  • 3 the Second visit to the service
  • 4 Return the laptop to the owner
  • 5 Epilogue

How it all began? Scratches on MacBook screen

Last year I updated my already aging MacBook Air 13-inch MacBook Pro. For two weeks I was enjoying my life, but after this time noticed on the screen a small scratch right in the middle. I immediately realized that the screen is scratched on a space or metal casing underneath.

After another couple of weeks, when it became clearer I have included a disgruntled customer came to the service center. Name will write later, but it is not necessary to shout that this is because approval for the repair meets Apple and a similar result would be either an authorised service centre. It is even possible that my service was the worst of the other in Moscow.

When I came in and showed a screen with my new laptop with scratches, I was told that if they will be visible from a distance of 30-40 cm on a white background is not max brightness, I will fix it. The test showed that the scratches are really visible.

At that time I decided not to hurry and knowing that the replacement assured me, I have decided to use the laptop. I logically reasoned that it makes no sense to give a working computer for a long time to repair to it in a couple of weeks back was like this.

As I did

In the end, I decided to use the computer on and do not particularly care for it. So much that once I even accidentally dropped from a small height, when opened the suitcase.

By “not particularly care” I do not mean to try to avoid situations when it is squeezed. It is the compression and flexion when wearing the bag or backpack is the main cause of scratches. Since the body is deformed and keyboard rubs against the screen.

For the year on the screen of my MacBook Pro imprinted literally the entire keyboard. Even the keys are left corner of their square scuff on the glossy surface of the screen. Conventional work it does not hurt much, but when we had to handle photos, especially with a dark background, I was faced with certain difficulties.

Second visit to service

In the end, after almost a year since the purchase, I still came to service. In my case the choice fell on the B2X service, specifically to the office on Nikolskaya street in Moscow. Maybe another service would be better and faster, but this to me was easier to get to. Only and this was due to my choice.

For the second time in the service I went almost a year from the date of purchase. As expected, the acceptance did not have any issues and the laptop I received, warning that the program replace display MacBook Pro free replacement can only be used two times in four years. I decided it was time to use “first life”.

Unlike the first time when I was told that the repair would take up to four weeks (this is largely why I took the time in service), this time promised to handle in 3-5 working days. In the end what happened.

About a week before the visit to the service I began a little clicking the volume keys. I asked this also to specify in the complaint.

I was confused a little by the lungs, but the damage on the side that appeared after a fall, about which I wrote above. They indicated in the purchase order, but in the end they are not what is not affected.

Return laptop to owner

After five working days, I received SMS-the message in which was written that the computer can pick up. When I gave it to me promised to call if they are not free. So I reasoned that if I didn’t call, but it did, so I don’t have to pay for it. I was right.

On the same day I came in and just stole the laptop. In addition to the screen, I replaced the topcase Assembly with keyboard and battery. Apparently, the clicks were not just in the keyboard and found some flaws, thinking it too be replaced.

My laptop was carefully Packed in the protective film that covered the logo on the lid and connectors. As I understand it, the connectors close to the specialist when checks, not accidentally scratched the metal around them. Another explanation I have. If know, write in comments.

In the end, in my hands a laptop that feels completely new. Fresh keys, smooth body, no scratches… From the old laptop only the bottom cover outside and iron inside. Once it was dismantled, most likely it even cleaned. Can not but rejoice and a new battery, which for the year albeit not critical, but worn out.


As shown, under warranty Apple should and must be addressed. The company is very loyal to customers who are faced with its posts. Yes, there are exceptions, but the vast majority of cases it will go to meet you.

I’ve seen similar articles from our colleagues on the other site, but now personally got into this story and came out of it with a very pleasant experience. More than sure that if it came with a scratched screen in the service center for another manufacturer’s laptops, you would have heard the answer that it is normal wear and tear and I blame myself. Apple was above this, that is very favorable to them.

If interested, I can add that replacing the screen in my service center is about 35 to 37 thousand rubles. The amount is very serious and is more than a third of the cost of the laptop. That’s not counting housing with keypad and battery.

Write in the comments what you think about such repairs. Did you contact Apple for warranty services and how it ended.

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Гарантия Apple. Вся правда о лояльности компании

Гарантия Apple. Вся правда о лояльности компании

Гарантия Apple. Вся правда о лояльности компании

Гарантия Apple. Вся правда о лояльности компании

Гарантия Apple. Вся правда о лояльности компании

Гарантия Apple. Вся правда о лояльности компании

Гарантия Apple. Вся правда о лояльности компании