The Apple Watch can eavesdrop on users: response to producer

Apple Watch может подслушивать пользователей: реакция производителя

Smart watch Apple watch can eavesdrop on its users with the function Walkie-Talkie (“a portable Radio”). Experts have found a vulnerability in this function.

As writes TechCrunch, experts say the problem has caused the application FaceTime, which has become a source of vulnerability.

What is Walkie-Talkie?
This is a function of at reasonable hours from Apple, which allows two users to communicate via Apple Watch. With this iPhone or other smartphone does not need them. The program works on the principle of the radio.

The Reaction Of Apple

Apple confirmed that the vulnerability was discovered. The producer assured, until there is no evidence that the vulnerability was used with “harmful intentions.”

The company has temporarily disabled this feature on the Apple Watch. The function is not removed, only limited access to it until the vulnerability is not completely free and protest.

So Apple Watch users will be able to use the radio after the next update.

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