The Apple Watch has been taught to control the quality of hand washing

Apple Watch научили контролировать качество мытья рук

Apple Watch научили контролировать качество мытья рук

June 22, Apple held a conference for developers WWDC 2020. The most interesting that has announced new versions of operating systems. In particular, the new generation of the watch OS 7, which will bring the smart watch with some interesting features.

The channel 24 also watched an online conference, so you can share the most interesting.

What’s new

  • One of the most discussed features was the system of detection of hand washing. With the update the watch will be able to recognize hand-washing: appropriate movement and water splash. After that a countdown starts, so that the user washed his hands long enough (in accordance with the recommendations of the medical organizations).
  • Another important update watchOS 7 is the sleep monitoring. Finally Apple has waited this service. Because most other smart watches, and even fitness trackers can track sleep.
  • In addition, a new mode Wind Down, which will be paired with an iPhone. Is the use of shortcuts for muting messages, work with playlist Apple Music, activate the program for meditation, such as Calm, and activate the pre-settings through the smart home app Home.
  • Update disappear the name of the Activity, while tracking physical activity will be in the new application Fitness. In addition, the new version of the OS now supports the direction of Cycling and the ability to track physical activity while dancing.

When will be available

The new operating system watch OS 7 will get a smart watch Apple watch Series 3 and later versions. The update will be available in the fall of 2020.

It is important that to work with the new version of the operating system of the smartphone to be the iPhone 6S or higher with an installed iOS version 14.

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