The Apple Watch has helped to identify the user of a serious illness

Apple Watch помог выявить у пользователя серьезную болезнь

We have repeatedly written that the new generation of smart hours Apple Watch saved the life of its users. But this time to thank the gadget ought sceptic who ridiculed his new functions.

As 9to5mac writes, the German was sceptical of the diagnostic capabilities of the Apple Watch. He also said that they are “perfect for hypochondriacs”.

How to help watch. However, he still tried to test the function of the ECG, which received the new Apple Watch. The clock showed that he suffers from atrial fibrillation.

He went to his doctor friend, but he assured that “this error of measurement”.

The user still went to the hospital. There he spent 12 channel ECG professional equipment. And tests showed that hours were correct.

Watch contributed to the continuation of my life. It’s true
– the user said.

Previously, we reported that the smart watch saved the life of a pensioner. Here is another useful feature of the Apple Watch, which detects the fall of user and if he’s not moving, then the watch you sent a message to the ambulance. In this case, the man fell and lost consciousness. Therefore, the gadget he called an ambulance.

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