The Apple Watch was deprived of one important feature

Apple Watch лишили одной важной функции

Apple Watch лишили одной важной функции

Recently, Apple announced a new version of the operating system watch OS 7 for their brand of smart watches Apple Watch. However, along with new features the update will deprive users of a popular service.

As stated on the official website of Apple, we are talking about the feature Force Touch.

As you know, watchOS 7 users to put more pressure on the display to change the dial or display a hidden menu.

However, since upgrading to 7 watchOS Force Touch will not.

The company made the previously hidden menu items available on the relevant screen or the settings screen. The function of long pressing, obviously, will also disappear.

Why the developers decided to remove support for this feature in the company do not explain. It might be simplifying the design.

Details about watchOS 7

During the presentation, Apple watch OS 7 named several interesting features, which will soon be models of the Apple Watch 3 and the new version. Among the innovations:

  • Detection system washing hands – clock says how long they should wash their hands.
  • Sleep monitoring – the long-awaited feature for users of smart watches.
  • Mode to Wind Down – using shortcuts for muting messages.

Users will get the new watch OS 7 this fall.

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