The Apple Watch will be able to measure glucose levels?

Apple Watch смогут измерять уровень глюкозы?

For many years Apple pays close attention to health and Wellness. As a rule, development and research in this area usually get their application in very personal product – the Apple Watch. There is no doubt that the company continue to work hard in this direction. Recently it became known that the Corporation started to cooperate with the company Dexcom, one of the leading meter manufacturers. What would that mean?

Cooperation Dexcom and Apple

As reported by insiders, it is talking about a separate meter, which will be tightly integrated into the Apple ecosystem Watch. Development only is, therefore, expected to release similar devices in the near future just not worth it. According to the head of the Dexcom, it may be a great alternative for people with diabetes first and second type, until Apple built a tool to measure the level of sugar directly to the Apple Watch.

Breakthrough for the medical industry

According to rumors, the tracker will be powered by an innovative method of measuring the glucose level. The developed monitoring system will reinviting that will let you know the result without perforation and collection of the drops of blood.

In the Network repeatedly appeared information that Apple has long done research in this area. There was even information that the testing of the prototype Apple Watch come with a tool to monitor sugar levels, is personally the head of the company Tim cook. However, on the likely timing of the release of this smart watch is not reported.