The application of collagen does not protect against wrinkle – Suprun

Применение коллагена не спасает от морщин - Супрун

Acting Minister of health Suprun spoke about the importance of collagen in the human body and dispelled the myths prevalent among Ukrainians regarding the use of products with collagen.

The official wrote in Facebook.

“In the skin, tendons, joints and vessels collagen is a huge protein that is differently organized in each area of the body and “stitched” to form a mesh of adequate elasticity. The idea of supplements with collagen or its peptides (pieces) understandable to the ordinary consumer, “not only is collagen need somewhere to take outside”. Meanwhile, the market for supplements with collagen is growing annually by 6.5% and in 2025 should reach nearly $6 billion,” wrote Suprun.

She refuted the claim that eating collagen can prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

“For people who know the physiology, the idea is to drink collagen in the hope that it smoothes wrinkles, it looks quite strange: after all, all of the protein gets into our body, is digested, and not embedded where it is not enough”, – said the head of Ministry of health.

She explains that collagen is a protein made from three amino acids: glycine, Proline and hydroxyproline, as well as hydroxylysine.

“Glycine and Proline we synthesize themselves, but lysine should be consumed with food. Is an essential amino acid. Hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine doing in protocollagen already synthesized enzymes hydroxylase. For this reaction, the desired ascorbic acid, i.e. vitamin C. Outside cells, fibroblasts, collagen fibers were assembled and combined cross-linking, which ensure the elasticity and strength of the skeleton. The collagen in the skin is destroyed and replaced. His education again supports sex hormones: estrogen in women, testosterone in men,” said Suprun.

According to her, the collagen may deteriorate as the result of free radical processes in the skin, as well as due to the action of UV – photo-ageing, and has a fairly long lasting effect.

“To skin or other organs were collagen, necessary essential amino acids, vitamin C, a certain level of sexual hormones, and the absence of prolonged action of ultraviolet light. Essential amino acids can be used not only in collagen supplements and collagen cream, even its peptides, if they are not the size of 2-3 amino acids, the skin does not penetrate. And certainly not to build,” – said Suprun.

She explains that collagen is part of cartilage and tendons, therefore, in the case of joint diseases, hand and stretches to collagen.

“Meta-analysis of studies, when people with osteoarthritis taking collagen reported that they some times feel less pain, but nothing is restored. In the long term supplements does not save you. Now there is only evidence that no additives are not effective as drugs for osteoarthritis. So if you run, you are advised to drink collagen because “erased his knees,” don’t settle. Until you have a normal body mass index and a healthy diet, osteoarthritis you are not in danger,” said Suprun.

According to her, some studies revealed the improvement of the joints and reducing pain and swelling for rheumatoid arthritis, but in the case when patients have no autoantibodies to collagen, because not every case is accompanied by the destruction of collagen.

“Also, the collagen is a source of amino acids. Will they be included in the composition of new collagen, depends on the hormonal levels, our energy consumption, sun exposure and the skin needs to recover. Some studies have actually shown that people who for several months of daily consumed collagen, had a more elastic the skin, and Proline from collagen peptides effectively comes to skin,” said Suprun.

In her words, collagen can be useful for people with pressure ulcers: the study showed the effectiveness of the Supplement the diet of patients with bed sores 10 grams of collagen peptides, iron and vitamin C.

“Studies conducted in the 1980s showed that collagen was successfully cleaved by enzymes in our stomach and pancreas. But further work showed that if you drink partially cleaved (hydrolyzed) collagen, the amino acid levels in the blood rise faster. With the others, they still enter the bloodstream. All known partially hydrolyzed collagen – gelatin. You can add it to fruit puree to make jelly – it will unite vitamin C, flavonoids with amino acids of collagen. The collagen or amino acids present in the fish ear and the jelly, so from time to time to prepare jelly dishes. Although it still does not guarantee that the amino acids reach the skin fibroblasts, and does not become a source of energy or muscles, for example,” wrote Suprun.

According to her, if you want you can use collagen or its peptides, if there are no problems with the stomach and digestion.

“In studies done on mouse models of aging, appear doses of 400-800 mg/kg of body weight. That is, if translated into humans, a person weighing 60 kg should eat daily at least 24 grams of collagen. It’s like a large pack of gelatin and floors daily servings of protein – a lot. People suggest it is 5-15 grams per day. In human studies mainly used a dose of 3-8 grams per day for several months. Supplement the diet with collagen or gelatin – its derivative – is considered advisable if the diet protein for some reason is not enough,” said Suprun.

She also advises, stick to a balanced vegan or omnivorous diet, prevent skin photoaging.

“And don’t forget to make soup, jelly and jelly jelly to your menu,” recommends Suprun.